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Preport International Ltd specialises in advising entrepreneurs who wish to manufacture consumer goods in China. Having many years of experience and a China based office in Ningbo, we offer Dutch companies guidance that is, above all, practical and hands on.

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We will lead the way

In the world of doing business with China, finding your way as an entrepreneur can be quite challenging. We will be happy to help you find your way. As China’s business-culture is quite different from our own, it will gladly assist you to familiarise with it. In addition to finding the right business partners, we will teach you the finer aspects of how to interact with the Chinese. Our experience and our advice will put you on the road to success in China.

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China, a country of extremes

Particularly cultural differences between countries often interfere with getting the results you want. With its practical approach and experience in manufacturing consumer goods, Preport International Ltd will help you establish your very first contact. Moreover, because of our network and wealth of experience in China, as well as in the field of marketing, you will have excellent opportunities to take these difficult first steps.

Preport International Ltd will help you contact factories and guide you through the entire process. Matters which we will be discussing are: sourcing, sampling, moulding, quality control, packaging and wrapping, shipment, customs, methods of payment, and of course, all the necessary information about Chinese business etiquette.

We regularly have meetings and lectures at Chambers of Commerce throughout the Netherlands to bring China closer to you.

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